Trend 21 Management’s general construction services are performed with a full-service approach. This is achieved with our in-house team of engineers, architects, designers and construction management staff whose reputation is industry-leading in the Spa and Hotel industry.

Trend 21 Management doesn’t simply build buildings.

We are keenly aware of design and functionality trends. In May of 2007, our company was commissioned with the ground up project to first build Spa Castle in New York; an “Escape from the Ordinary”, followed by Premier 57 in Midtown Manhattan; a premium luxury spa, as well as Spa Castle Texas & The One Hotel down South.


– Chon Engineering, P.C.: conception, design, plan and specification preparation, filings, sign-offs.

– Trend 21 Management: General Construction contractor

– I Do Plumbing: Master Plumbing and Fire Protection contractor

– Amko Electrical: Master Electrician contractor

– Trend 21 Management Korea: Spa equipment and supplies procurement and analysts